Which camera to buy?

We’re living in the time when smartphones are on the rise and consequently almost all of us have camera at the reach of their hands nonstop. because of that less and less people are considering buying a dedicated camera, even though the quality of photos is much better than the phone’s. so what are the pros and the cons of owning a dedicated camera over just using the one in your phone:

Pros Cons
Better photo quality Bigger, you have to remember to bring it with you
Better lenses Could be very expensive
More settings

We can see that pros outweigh the cons but at the end it all depends on the type of person you are.
What kind of cameras are available on the market? I would separate them in next groups:
1. Simple compact cameras
Simple compact cameras are inexpensive entry-level cameras for amateurs, small and lightweight with very little additional settings. They are also the most user friendly as automatic settings take care of everything, you just frame your subject or landscape and press the button. With built in flash and usually some simple zoom are perfect for beginners.
2. Advanced compact cameras
Advanced compact cameras have more settings options and allow you to play with aperture, shutter, ISO and other settings. Their zoom is usually better and longer but consequently also their size increases. Some of them are as big as smaller dslr’s, but they don’t offer lens changing. They are great for advanced beginners or travelling.
3. DSLRs
DSLRs are great for serious amateurs and professionals. Their biggest plus are interchangeable lenses so you can select the perfect one for your current situation. Their price range is very wide, you can get one for $500 usd or less or you can spend more than $5000 on them. They can have cropped or full frame sensor, which is almost all the time bigger than the one in compacts. The lenses for these cameras range in quality, most manufacturers offer a line for amateur photographers and then a much more expensive line aimed at professional photographers.
4. Mirrorless
mirrorless cameras are gainig in popularity in last few years. Their biggest difference from DSLRs is the lack of internal mirror. They still offer lens interchangeability and same settings as DSLRs but are usually smaller and lighter than them.

So which type of camera is best for you? If you don’t have time to play with settings then compact one for sure. But if you’re really interested to start exploring photography then I would suggest mirrorless or DSLR camera with kit lens. And then through time you will discover if you need any additional lenses… And we will look at different types of lenses in the next article.