Virtual Reality

The Future of Virtual Reality

Thanks to virtual reality, you can become a knight, swim with sharks, play games like golf or tennis and go into space. Everything is possible from your living room. However there are still downsites to all this. Like motion sickness, price and akward settings.

The motion sickness has been around from when the virtual reality started but it is slowly loosing its grip with new technology and headsets being improved. With the major obstacle like motion sickness gone, prices are dropping and headsets getting more mobile, we can say that virtual reality is here to stay and it is not just for enthusiast anymore. The resolution keeps getting better as well and the immerson with it has become quite real.

With upcoming years we will see the standards being shaped and the headset being universal usable by all devices not just PCs or consoles like they are now. With the price drop we will see the increase of users and with it the multiplayer games and social events will change.

We will see the increase of use in medicine, psichology, education etc. Marketing will also change with advertising companies using VR to showcase their products in a totaly new perspective.

New worlds awaits us in the virtual and real world.

Exciting times.