Virtual Reality

OCULUS GO review

So let me kick off with this. I have my Oculus GO for over 3 months now and I am addicted to my Go head set. But first with the negatives.

So in my opinion Oculus GO is a great entry level VR system has some issues.  My biggest complaints are:

– the Battery level
– Setting up using a phone
– Diminished scale in virtual reality
– 3D depth could be even better
Chromatic aberration is an issue.
– Black levels are not as good

However! The overall positives outweigh the negatives making it a worthy investment

– low SDE
– Really good sweet spot
– overall sharpness of the image
– reduced god rays
– decent overall functionality

The games are really fun. And you can get many free apps and videos so free content is not an issue. Oculus Go really shines when traveling and as a movie viewer. The immersion is great and you can really get into the movie you are watching.

Would I recommend it? If you are new to virtual reality, this is a good of to start the virtual reality experience. So yes

4/5 from me.

Oh you should  pair it with a wireless headset for top experience.