Is Additional Car Insurance Worth It When Renting A Car?

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to make a decision about hiring additional insurance when renting a car. However, there are several things we can consider to know if hiring car insurance for a rental car is really worth it.

A car is a very valuable asset, whose cost exceeds several thousand: for this reason, car rental companies impose franchises that usually range between $ 600 and $ 1,800. If you doubt whether it is necessary or not to add more coverages to your rental contract, this article will help you make the best decision.

Normally, there are two reasons to rent a car: leisure or work. In neither case is it nice to have a mishap, but it is probably more painful to pay for the damage repair of your rental car during your long-awaited vacation.

Parking the car on the street of your hotel and the next morning find it with a small blow, can suppose -if you have not taken out additional insurance- a repair cost of several hundred euros. These incidents can be a great annoyance and important losses in the budget reserved for your vacations.

Advantages of Taking Out Insurance Without Excess When Renting A Car

It protects you from possible damages that your rental car may suffer: you are free of the economic responsibility of the franchise in case something happens to the vehicle.

If you use your personal insurance or other insurance outside the rental company is very likely that you have to pay for the damage and then claim the refund of the amount paid, which involves tedious management and time. In addition to using your personal insurance, your insurance premium would go up considerably for the rest of the years.

Hiring a zero franchise insurance gives you peace of mind, helping you enjoy more of your trip and sleep peacefully. Forget worries, that’s what holidays are for!

The additional insurance of the rental company protects you from detailed checks on the car by the company’s workers, in search of damages. Occasionally they can become very fussy when deciding what is considered car damage.

Another great advantage of the rental company’s insurance is that it often reduces the amount that will be blocked on your credit card as a deposit. Above all when renting with a low-cost company, you’ll see how when adding the insurance your deposit can go down from $ 600 to $ 450, for example.

Coverage of personal belongings can help protect your personal belongings, such as your computer or clothes if they are stolen from the car you rented. If you have renter or owner insurance, the property coverage helps cover your items through what is known as “off-site coverage.” The coverage of personal belongings generally only covers the items outside the building up to a certain percentage. The deductible of your owner or tenant insurance will apply. Check with your agent about the limits of this coverage.

Personal accident insurance can help you pay your medical bills and those of your passengers if they get injured in a car rental accident. The III says that if you have health insurance, the coverage of medical expenses or personal injury protection included in your auto insurance policy may be similar to the one offered by the car rental agency. Coverage of medical payments and injury protection (not available in all states) can help you pay for medical bills due to an accident in an insured car.

Disadvantages of Taking Out Insurance Without Excess When Renting A Car

When hiring the additional insurance -obviously- will raise the total price you will pay for the car rental. Taking into account the incredible offers made by many companies in the sector, the price of insurance may be higher than the rent itself.

Many insurances do not cover the entire car: In the rental sector, it is very rare to find comprehensive insurance. With most companies, there are parts that are outside the coverage. These areas are usually pneumatic, glass, mirrors, ceilings and low. Almost all companies will offer you additional coverage at a very low daily cost, which when added to your rent covers these areas.

The insurance only covers the damages caused while driving the car by the person included in the rental agreement. If something happens to the car while someone else drives it, the coverage will have no effect. For this reason, you must pay a supplement if you want someone else to drive the main driver. By adding an additional driver to your contract, the car will not be discovered if it is driven by the person listed in the contract.

What Factors Should I Take into Account When Deciding Whether to Take Out Insurance?

Answering these questions will help you to assess the risk of your rental car:

Do you know the area where you’ll drive? If you don’t know the area or the country, the driving style of the premises, the streets and their conditions or the signs they use, it may be a good idea to add insurance. The same thing happens if you travel to an area with a cold climate and you don’t have the habit of driving on snowy or icy roads.

Will your rental car sleep in a garage or on the street? If your accommodation offers a safe place to park, then it is a risk factor less, on the contrary, if you park on the street …. it is highly recommended to add insurance.

Do you often drive? How do you assess your ability at the wheel? When driving is part of your daily routine and you are a prudent driver who doesn’t usually have problems, you can calm down … but if this isn’t the case, seriously consider hiring insurance.

Do you drive different cars? Driving a car that is not yours, whose dimensions you don’t know perfectly is an added risk factor. When you have driven many cars, you have easier to adapt to them, but if it isn’t, it may cost you a bit at the beginning, so additional insurance may be convenient.

If you aren’t sure if buying rental car insurance is what you need, it may be useful to first understand what coverage you currently have. Talk to a local Allstate agent * about your car policy so you can make a wise decision the next time you rent or rent a vehicle.