Virtual Reality

The Future of Virtual Reality

Thanks to virtual reality, you can become a knight, swim with sharks, play games like golf or tennis and go into space. Everything is possible from your living room. However there are still downsites to all this. Like motion sickness, price and akward settings. The motion sickness has been around from when the virtual reality […]

Virtual Reality

OCULUS GO review

So let me kick off with this. I have my Oculus GO for over 3 months now and I am addicted to my Go head set. But first with the negatives. So in my opinion Oculus GO is a great entry level VR system has some issues.  My biggest complaints are: – the Battery level […]

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Glossary

Let’s explain some technical terminology you will find in our articles: Sweet spot: The sweet spot is the area in the middle of the lens in which your pupil needs to be in order to get a clear image. Having a larger sweet spot makes it easier to position the headset in a way that […]


Car insurance

What is car insurance? Car insurance is insurance for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles. Its primary use is to provide financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise from incidents in a vehicle. Regardless of whether you’re a new driver or just […]


Types of insurance

Insurance companies will insure just about everything but sometimes the coverage is so limited that it’s not even worth insuring. At first let’s look at the most popular types of insurance for individuals, that are worth having. 1. Car insurance – In most countries around the world some type of car insurance is mandatory and […]


How to choose correct hosting?

Choosing your hosting can be difficult for beginners as they are confused by many options and don’t know which one is best for them. So how to determine which hosting is best for me? Before you start looking for a right hosting, take a moment to think about what you’re looking to get out of […]


Types of lenses

Standard lenses Standard lenses are those with a mid-range focal length, typically around 50mm. They have an angle of view which is roughly the same as the angle that the human eye can comfortably view, meaning that they produce images which appear “natural” to the viewer. They usually have a fixed focal length and wide […]


Lense properties – part 2

LENS FIT All lenses attach to the camera using some sort of locking lens mount. These come in bayonet, screw-thread, and friction-lock varieties, and they act to attach the lens to the camera body and join any electrical connections.Each camera manufacturer has its own design, and while they often look very similar, they are not […]


Lense properties

One of the most important part of every camera is its lens. The main difference between them is focal length and aperture. The focal length essentially determines how zooned in your photos are and the aperture determines how much light will go through your lens to the sensor. FOCAL LENGTH Like I already said, focal […]